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EarthRestoration is creating a new approach to heal the Planet, where you can participate and make a fundamental difference... JOIN US!

The idea of Geotherapy or healing the life support system is centered around the value of Tooltip Text photosynthetic biomassis critical to the environmental and atmospheric conditions that sustain human life. Photosynthetic Biomass is the only production system on the planet that contributes to maintaining the global oxygen cycle.

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Who We Are

We are a group of scientists, researchers, social workers, healers and IT creators, who have come together to develop a tradeable digital ledger that is issued as an NFT. EarthRestoration’s NFT's are backed by contractually verified tree UNITS that produce living photosynthetic biomass verified over time. When you invest, the transaction pathway gains investors transparent access to LIFEFORCE BioCurrency as well as to the tree-farming communities we work together with. BioCurrency which is backed by 'positive externalities' evaluation of these tree UNITS accessible to every investor through our website and a Block-Chain secured, tradeable digital ledger.

Nature of Our Business

"Our business strategy is to promote investment in contracted tree-UNITS on farmlands in order to increase the leaf surface area that provides Contracted Primary Ecosystem Services (C-PES). These UNITS are monitored using the EarthRestoration methodological process in order to measure Carbon capture (dynamic capture) / Oxygen generation and ground water transpiration. The benefits of our strategy includes, the incentivizing of farmers to establish trees-on-farms [under contractual terms], developing deeper living soil profiles and tree modified local environments that can respond to mitigating climate change effects that are increasing across the world."

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To facilitate transparent financial investment opportunities for landowners to be rewarded for positive externalities values transacted from their landscape to the Global Commons.

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To create an economic system that promotes the growth of living biomass on this planet.

“The fabled wish now speaks true; Money does grow on trees”

Our Sustainable Development Goals

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EarthRestoration contributes to this goal by creating value for Primary Ecosystem Services (PES). This allows for an increase in the value of rural product and for the capitalization of Ecosystem Services that can reward participating individuals.

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ER focusses on landscape restoration based on perennial crops and in the creation of advanced agricultural landscapes, where biological ambient cooling is used to avoid high temperature crop loss. We contribute to the security of agriculture production by mitigating heat stress.

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ER solutions facilitates the production of Oxygen and Clean Water locally, a fundamentally important contribution to good health in any context. PES units also contribute to the filtering of airborne pollutants, shading, and the provision of a stress reducing green environment.

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ER supports the research and technologies required to assess volumes and quality of different pools of photosynthetic Biomass. We encourage and promote the generation of essential knowledge & learning systems that will enable students to respond to the imaging needs of monitoring and reporting.

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ER solutions such as ‘LifeForce Units’ allow for an increased proportion of the household income to be generated by biomass, providing non-gender biased income. Earth Restoration solutions provide payments for tending to crop trees during their non-productive early stages of growth.

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Plant derived evapotranspiration is the largest producer of clean water on land. ER measures and pays for the generation of evapotranspirative clean water, because contaminated groundwater is filtered and facilitated through the tree.

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Biomass is a non-fossil, solid, transportable energy source that is the carbon alternative to ‘fossil’ in generating energy. Our actions respond to this goal by increasing the production of biomass and subsequent production of PES.

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The ER economy provides for sustainable income to be generated from a rural home environment thus reducing the need for travel, and contributing to a new measure of economic growth.

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ER monitoring technologies demand new and innovative designs in both equipment and software, to provide timely reporting to existing scientific, financial, as well as social institution created for the transaction of PES into a global system.

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EarthRestoration by promoting value in increasing biomass contributes to the sequestration and removal of atmospheric carbon, a stated goal in climate action. It also increases PES that contributes to maintaining cooler ambient temperatures – an essential agricultural need in a future warming climate.

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PES Units placed in Analog Forest or similar systems will clean and filter surface water to provide a benign aquatic environment within watersheds. All terrestrial pollutants ultimately end up in the surface waters. Well placed UNITS can reduce these toxic loads by over 80%.

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EarthRestoration solutions are designed to increase the output of PES in terrestrial landscapes with diminishing sustainability. PES units also provide for an increase in soil organic matter and also provides habitat for biodiversity.

Our Team

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Dr.Ranil Senanayake

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Dejan deZoysa

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Lilan Dayananda

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Pankajan Satkunam

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Tharindu Dissanayake


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some basic FAQ's related to EarthRestoration

We plant trees in a manner whereby each tree is contractually activated as a BIoCurrency UNIT.

The communities we work with have been sensitized to the principles of tree-farming and Analog Forestry over the last 20 years of these communities the most advanced practitioners are selected to continue with EarthRestoration, engaging in the LifeForce tm Project.

We use applied restoration methodologies such as Analog Forestry (AF) / Assisted Natural Regenerative (ANR) in order to select the most appropriate species and engage farmers in Forest Garden and Farmland Development as well as work related to environmental repair (restoration).

Depends on the selection of species and annual verification : Select from our TREE UNIT inventories and landscapes.

Because trees need care and attention in the early years of growth to ensure good growth.

A Non - Fungible - Token that is a uniquer piece of value. It is created / recorded using secure digital traceablity stamps in order to demonstrate the integrity of that value. Like a piece of art, or a unique living tree.

For more information -Biocurrency-

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