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LifeForce Projects

LifeForce ™ @ Belipola Arboretum, the World's First Analog Forest

Scale of restoration : 100 tree UNITS on 6 acres of land, Smart - Contract Period : 4 years, NFT’s available = 100, Payments for Photosynthetic Biomass : $104,000, Primary Ecosystem Services Output Verified by ER app : Photosynthetic Biomass / Oxygen / Clean Water

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LifeForce with tree-farmers in Cheddikulam

Scale of restoration : 50 tree UNITS on 6 acres of land, Number of farmers registered : 7, Payments for Photosynthetic Biomass : $3200, Average payment per farmer : Us $457, LifeForce Digital Certificates Issued : 50

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Creating market value for Lifeforce

LIFEFORCE is a proof - of - stake ledger tracing your investments and your returns in Contracted - Primary Ecosystem Services (C-PES). It is accessible at the purchase of a LIFEFORCE tree UNIT (link to purchase) and updated annually with BioCurrency values generated by your investment.

How To Interact With LifeForce

Purchase a tree unit and gain access to your personal C-PES ledeger


Locate and verify your geotagged tree UNITS remotely (Google Earth) Content detailing how to Geo-locate your tree UNIT


Communicate directly with the tree farmer(s) of your tree UNIT(s) : Content detailing how to communicate with your tree farmer


Value the C-PES generated by your tree UNITS as BioCurrency NFT’s : Content on NFT markets, positive externalities and BioCurrency etc


Principles of LifeForce

Increasing economic value for LifeForce is based on the production of contracted Primary Ecosystem Services which is the measured output of Oxygen, Carbohydrate and clean water recorded over time by participating agro ecologists and farmers worldwide.

Principle 1 - Recognize Photosynthesis as the Primary Ecosystem Service(PES) .

Principle 2 - Recognize the fact that PES production ceases at the death of Photosynthetic Biomass(PB).

Principle 3 - Recognize the fact that each species of plant has a unique growth curve for PB accumulation.

Principle 4 - All LIFEFORCE treeUNITS registered must have a landowner C-PES contract.

Principle 5 - All LIFEFORCE treeUNITS must be monitored for PB growth performance annually through the C-PES term.

Principle 6 - All stakeholders should be made aware of the protocols.

Principle 7 - A C-PES verified contract would be the indicator of success of a given land area at any stage of EarthRestoration.


Image of LifeForce Principle

Tools of LifeForce

LF C-PES-Contracts ER C-PES app --- > Subscribe to use the app ---> LINK to Payment Gateway ER Landscape Sustainability Calculator (LSC) --- > How to use the LSC {content to be provided}

Image of LifeForce Principle
image of bio currency
Primary Ecosystem Services (PES) sustain the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat.

Therefore BioCurrency is a Unit of value proposed by Earthrestoration based on the production of Contracted Primary Ecosystem Services (C-PES) verified as an identified yeild from a landscape. C-PES are the products and services created by primary production under a transparent and legal proceedure that involves a smart-contract tied to the growth of a tree UNIT. As primary productivity is the action of photosynthesis over time, the quantum of C-PES created these tree UNITS are the primary services that energize and sustain any ecosystem they are possitioned at.

The Commons is under threat today, because Governments and financial institutions of every nation has accepted the cost of negative externalities impacting the Global Commons. Negatively externalizing values from the Global Commons has leas to the increase of Carbon Dioxide, the decrease of Oxygen and the increase of groundwater pollution and the loss of biodiversity, resulting in the degradation of all these elements of the Global Commons.