The act of investing in BioCurrency would immediately begin to replace the Oxygen and Clean Water consumed by our industrial lifestyles.


The quality of air we breathe, the water that we drink, the health of oceans, the sustainability of forests and topsoil are all dependent on Photosynthesis. The actions of Photosynthesis, termed Primary Ecosystem Services [PES] are the initial activities of life excited by a photon of light as it enters the biosphere. These PES can now be verified as positive externalities to the global commons as LifeForce NFTs.

LifeForce image

LifeForce NFT's are easily replicated across the globe ans reflect the metadata and smart-contract details of a living tree that is nurtured by a registered guardian or restoration project anywhere in the world. The creation of LIFEFORCE NFT's implys opportunities for new investment and capital exchanges that are based on the increasing the surface area of photosynthetic biomass.

LIFEFORCE NFT's is backed by the metadata of block-chain verified PES of new tree UNITS that can be traded as BioCurrency.

Primary Ecosystem Services (PES) sustain the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat.

Therefore BioCurrency is a Unit of value proposed by Earthrestoration based on the production of Contracted Primary Ecosystem Services (C-PES) verified as an identified yeild from a landscape. C-PES are the products and services created by primary production under a transparent and legal proceedure that involves a smart-contract tied to the growth of a tree UNIT. As primary productivity is the action of photosynthesis over time, the quantum of C-PES created these tree UNITS are the primary services that energize and sustain any ecosystem they are possitioned at.

The Commons is under threat today, because Governments and financial institutions of every nation has accepted the cost of negative externalities impacting the Global Commons. Negatively externalizing values from the Global Commons has leas to the increase of Carbon Dioxide, the decrease of Oxygen and the increase of groundwater pollution and the loss of biodiversity, resulting in the degradation of all these elements of the Global Commons.