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What are Primary Ecosystem Services?

The product(ion) emanating from the action of Photosynthesis are identified as Primary Ecosystem Services (PES). These are observable as dynamic Carbon Capture, release of molecular Oxygen, and purification of ground water through transpiration back into the atmosphere. Photosynthetic Biomass (ie. the leaves on trees) is the mechanism that captures photons of sunlight to energize without these processes even the atmosphere that sustains life on Earth would not exist. Thus, the photosynthetic component of biomass is used as a valid measure for deriving PES values of a growing tree in terms of Carbon fixed, Oxygen produced, and ground water purified.

The 3 Primary Ecosystem Services are:

economic growth diagram

Dynamic Carbon Capture

While Carbon comes in many varied forms ranging from Diamond to Coal to wood or gas, only one form of carbon, holds the captured energy of sunlight at photosynthesis. This primary sugar is the building block of all life, this molecule is very reactive and immediately goes on to form the secondary molecules created through the action of biosynthesis. Therefore the gain of this material representing the first building block of life on terrestrial Earth is identified as ‘Dynamic Carbon’.

Dynamic Carbon Capture (DCC) is the functional process of primary productivity that can be measured in terms of gain of Photosynthetic Biomass (weight over time of leaf-mass). Photosynthesis Biomass (PB) gain is calculated using the EarthRestoration methodology for a given tree UNIT that is contractually verified (annually) for 4 years since the date of planting.

image of a tree

The release of molecular Oxygen

Transpiration by leaves of plants bring up polluted groundwater form the roots to be released as clean pure water through their stomata.

image of transpiration

The transpiration of ground water back into the atmosphere

Transcription by leaves of plants bring up polluted groundwater form the roots to be released as clean pure water by the leaves.

Trees and plants will clean groundwater and transpire it into the Global Commons.

At arule over 50,000 liters per year per large tree, with no value attributed tom it currently.

Verifying C-PES as a 'yeild' from the landscape

We recognize the value of Primary Ecosystem Services (PES) in the context of private ownership, by entering into a smart contract with a supplier (C-PES) that lays the foundations of recording and transacting the contracted material into the Global Commons as a positive externality. We invest in the producer through the requirement of informed management, evaluated by measure of the contacted photosynthetic component. In order to facilitate the producer, ER has confirmed the PES production values of 40 pan-tropical tree species, whose biomass accretion curves are verified by the LifeForce™ Photosynthetic Biomass verification application (PBV app).